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"Ecclesiastes" by Lola Rùi (USA, 2020)

Berlin Flash Film Festival (Berlin, 2020).

Oniros Film Awards (Saint-Vincent, 2020).

New York International Film Awards (New York, 2020).

The Monthly Film Festival (Glasgow, 2020).

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (International Online. 2020).

Independent Shorts Awards (Los Angeles, 2020).

Austin Micro Short Film Festival (Austin, 2020).

The IndieFEST Film Awards (La Jolla, 2020).

End Of Days Film Festival (Orlando, 2020).

Top Shorts (Online Film Festival, 2020).

Deptford Cinema Film Festival (London, 2020).

Miami Independent Film Festival (Miami, 2020).

Moscow Shorts (Moscow, 2020).

First Contact Film Festival (New Jersey, 2020).

Creation International Film Festival (Los Angeles, 2020).

Under 5 Minutes Film Festival (Los Angeles, 2020).

IndieX Film Fest (Los Angeles, 2020).

Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest (Campania, 2020).

Top Indie Film Awards (Tokyo, 2020).

Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, 2020).

One-Reeler Short Film Competition (Los Angeles, 2020).

300 Seconds Short Film Festival (Toronto, 2020).

Alternative Film Festival (Toronto, 2020).

Vegas Movie Awards (Las Vegas, 2020).

International Online Web Fest (London, 2020).

Newmarket International Film Festival (Toronto, 2020).

Lonely Wolf London International International Film Festival ( London, 2020).

Lady Filmmakers Festival (Beverly Hills, 2020).

Chelsea Film Festival (New York, 2020).

Chicago Indie Film Awards (Chicago, 2020).

SoCal Film Awards (Huntington Beach, 2020)

Pune Short Film Festival (Maharashtra, 2020).

Kosice International Monthly Film Festival (Kosice, 2020).

Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift (Toronto,2020).

New York Movie Awards (New York, 2020).

Global Independent Film Awards (Online Film Festival, 2020).

Sicily Independent Film Awards (Sicily, 2020).

New York Tri-State International Film Festival (New York, 2020).

Zed Fest Film Festival (Burbank, 2020)

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival (New York, 2020).

Best Director Award, (London, 2021).

Con Nooga Film Festival (Chattanooga, 2021).

Wild Indie Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival (London, 2021).

Paris International Short Festival (Paris, 2021).

London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames (London, 2021).

Cairo Indie Short Film (Cairo, 2021),

Aphrodite Film Awards (New York, 2021).

Hong Kong Indie Film Festival (Hong Kong, 2021).

Bridge Fest (Vancouver, 2021).

LA Indies Festival (Los Angeles, 2021).

Cinema of the World International Film Festival (Mumbai, 2021).

Feedback Female Film Festival (Los Angeles, 2021).

Detroit SheTown Women's Film Festival (Detroit, 2021).

Golden Reel International Film Festival (Singapore, 2021).

Renegade Film Festival (Atlanta, 2022).

"The Door" by Lola Rùi (USA, 2018)

Chelsea Film Festival (New York, 2018).

Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival 2018.

Golden Door International Film Festival (New Jersey, 2018).

New Filmmakers (New York, 2018).

Berlin Flash Film Festival (Berlin, 2018).

Best Shorts Competition (La Jolla, 2018).

Independent Shorts Awards (Los Angeles, 2018).

One-Reeler Shorts Film Competition (Los Angeles, 2018).

TopShorts (Online Film Festival, 2018).

Oniros Film Awards (Saint-Vincent, 2018).

5th Pink City International Short Film Festival (Rajasthan, 2018).

Thriller/Suspense Festival (Toronto, 2018).

Independent Days International Film festival (Germany, 2019).

Lady Filmmakers Film Festival (Beverly Hills, 2018).

Alternative Film Festival (Toronto, 2018).

Global Shorts (Los Angeles, 2018).

Oregon Scream Week! Horror Film Festival (Oregon, 2018).

GRRL Haus Cinema (Berlin, 2018).

Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival (Oklahoma, 2019).

Zed Fest Film Festival (Burbank, 2018). Semi-finalist.

Portugal International Film Festival (Porto, 2019).

Etheria Film Festival- Short Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action and Thrillers directed by women (Los Angeles, 2019). Semi-finalist.

Austin Micro Short Film Festival (Austin, 2019).

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